Clori. Archivio della cantata italiana


Research launched by the Società Italiana di Musicologia and realized in collaboration with the University of Rome “TorVergata”, and the Istituto Italiano per la Storia della Musica.

The project concerns the study of the Italian chamber cantata since its beginnings in the seventeenth to the last documents in the nineteenth Century. The aim of Clori is to enhance knowledge, and support scholarship in the field of the Italian chamber cantata. Its efforts are primarily addressed to the crucial aspects of all cantata-related studies: the recognition and classification of all existing sources. Clori will fulfill this goal with the realization of the first web-based index and catalogue of all Italian cantata sources. The Clori index uses a specially designed software and the database will be constantly updated and enriched. The index is organized on a single cantata basis. Every record includes all standard bibliographical fields, plus other information, if available: pictures, transcription of the entire poetic text (search full text), dedications or prefaces, owner’s personal notes, records of incidental documents and/or information from other sources regarding the cantata (or collections of cantatas), keywords, bibliography, discography, and recording of the music (when possible).

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